Fashion and textil museum

First pieces of jewellery have been made in 2008. Every necklace was one of a kind as it was handmade by using our techniques that we have evolved.

In 2009 we worked closely with Fashion and Textile Museum in London where a wide range of 'Puppet' jewellery were sold.



The collection named 'Dita' was inspired by one of the pictures presented on exhibition 'Catwalk to cover' within Fashion and Textile Museum. The picture exhibited Dita Von Teese one of the best glamour models. 'Dita' collection is unconventional because in both form and style it is non-traditional.



In 2011 we start work together with "Ploteczkarnia" in Warsaw, the place where you can buy not only crafts but also learn the difficult art of its creation.




Recently, we've designed dresses for Miss Earth. The event took place in the Philippines, where representative of Poland wore dresses designed and made entirely by 'Puppet'. Inspired by Polish folklore the dresses have been made a special for that occasion.